Work With Ashanti

I’m Ashanti.  FoodBiz Content Marketer, Virgin Start Up Mentor and Business Coach for Women In Food.

I help Female Food creatives and Foodpreneurs create businesses which bring them joy and freedom. 

You can meet me here in the Global Women In Food community – the community which celebrates, connects and inspires women in the food and drink industry.

I also host the Women In Food Podcast, where I share insightful conversations with entrepreneurs, thought leaders and innovators in the food and drink industry. 

“This group has been great for exposing me to lots of people already going it alone, for understanding what challenges I might face, building my confidence and knowledge!!”

 ‘Thank you Ashanti for creating such a great networking group…far by the most interactive. Everyone supports each other.’

If you ask me “What has significantly contributed to your success?” Without hesitation, I would say “Community”. Community and networking has been my best friend on this journey.  As a member, you’ll get access to exclusive downloads, training by livestream, course discounts, and prompts where you can show off your blog posts, tweets, facebook pages and more! Here’s what some of our members think about the group:

“Thank you so much Ashanti for your fantastic videos. I am heading to a networking event and I am going to take on board all your brilliant tips”

     Would you like to have more INFLUENCE and  IMPACT in your industry?

   Are you looking for the FREEDOM and JOY having a successful business brings?

If so, book yourself in for a free consultation to find out how I can help you.

*Leverage & Reap* – Empowering Coaching for Women that Reaps Results//My signature coaching package will empower you to implement a business strategy which gives you influence, impact and income as a consultant, author or established entrepreneur in the food and drink business. BOOK HERE. 

You can also connect with me online here