Jane Gordon is a seasoned and experienced veteran of 30+ years in retail. A mother, business owner, and all round hard worker, she is a passionate foodie and experimental home cook!

Her experience is uniquely in retail, working across Multiples and Convenience (John Lewis, Safeway, Musgrave, Spar) plus she has Managed food businesses large and small (Manor Bakeries/Mr.Kipling, Moorish Smoked Humous, MAN MEAT FIRE).
With TV appearances, the launch of several award-winning ranges into the FMCG sector and now many new and exciting projects on the go, she has ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ many times over.

Last Autumn FMCGenie was launched; dedicated to supporting small brands as they transition in to GREAT brands in line with achieving success in the FMCG world. By offering tailor made solutions unique to your business, her mission is to provide affordable and easily accessible support over this time that helps you focus on working on your business, not in it. From marketing, to selling into retailers, with confidence, industry knowledge and ability to put plans into action and beyond. She indeed the swiss army knife of retail!

Topics Discussed

Jane’s background in the food and drink industry
Experience, insights and her current business
New brand product and marketing tips and ‘ need to knows’
Relationship building with buyers and other retailers, over coming challenges
Stepping out of corporate settings into entrepreneur mode.
Decision making and support as an entrepreneur

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