“After a high-pressured career in the corporate world and her own challenging journey with food, Susan escaped and went free range. She re-trained in Holistic Nutrition and is now the editor and founder of Thrive Magazineand Thrive Media – a social media and digital marketing agency for Healthy Brands. 
Thrive Magazine is focused on healthy, clean eating and living a healthy lifestyle. If you’re on your own journey back to health and looking for the latest clean eating tips, recipes and news – Thrive Magazine is for you. You can subscribe or buy here: www.thrive-magazine.co.uk/subscribe.
Susan shares her insights and knowledge on how you can promote your brand and gain exposure for your food business online”


Background and journey up to launching Thrive magazine.

Focus of Thrive Magazine
Ethos and values
Featured brands and what Thrive look for when working with other brands
How Thrive Magazine interacts with bloggers
Building and galvanizing a team
Insights on print and digital magazines and future trends in the publishing space
Being an entrepreneur in the publishing space

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