In this episode we cover:

Why and how to be realistic when opening a bricks and mortar food business.
Why you should seriously consider buying a going concern
The importance of leading by example and being prepared to do whatever it is you ask staff to do
Why you need to have a robust recruitment process
Why customer service is a key
What the whole point of mentoring is
What to look for in a mentor

Kerrie Dorman’s Bio

I have been a serial entrepreneur from the age of twenty, starting, buying and selling small businesses as well as a liquidation. On the back of my last sale I joined The London Innovation Centre as a Mentor in 2007. Since then, I have been refining mentoring and coaching to achieve high levels of productivity from those I work with. I tend to work with management teams as well as those at the helm, which gives me clearer insight on the dynamics in the workspace. My methods are mentor lead rather than coach lead which capitalises on entrepreneurial straights and thinking ‘outside the box’. For me it is all about the people because they create the business structure and processes.

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My experience is as follows:

Ex-Banking Consultant
Food Business Consultant
FoodBev Food & Drink Judge for 2017/18
Virgin Start-Up Mentor
Food Business Podcast Host
Guest Business Writer.
Networking Event Host
Facebook group Host For food entrepreneurs.

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