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Do you feel discouraged or anxious when you see what others are achieving on social media? Do you suffer with chronic lack of confidence? If so, this is the episode for you!

Roberta Style Lee joins me to discuss how you can build your confidence, resilience and self-esteem when starting and building a business.

Robert Style Lee shares some real gems such as ‘confidence comes through the act of doing’ and self esteem is the expression of self worth.

About Roberta Lee

Roberta Lee is the founder of Roberta Style Lee – she’s a confidence coach, a sustainable personal stylist, a podcast host, speaker and still manages do a little bit of part-time personal training on the side too.

She lives in London, which she describes as pretty relentless at times and admits that it was during the last 10-years that she lost herself in a blur of work, unhealthy relationships, an unbalanced lifestyle and exposure to too much negativity. To avoid spiraling further out of control into a deeper darker place where she felt even more powerless and worthless, she quit contracting, left the money and the corporate stress behind to create a life and business on her own terms.

Roberta is now fully focused on inspiring women to be their most confident selves. She is also very passionate about ethical fashion and being environmentally conscious. She is set to release her book in late 2017, which will detail moments that broke her, the steps she took to recover and how she found the courage to rebuild a life that she didn’t think she deserved – one that is full of happiness, fulfillment, confidence and of course, great personal style. Roberta now runs her business from home in North London with a small team – she is now happy, healthy, back to being super confident and enjoying being her imperfect self.

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