11 months ago, all I had was Linkedin,  a dream and free WiFi.

Linkedin was the only ‘social’ media I had. I have never been one for social media, so I had no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram presence.

My daily commute was 6 hours and with no reception for 4 of those 6 hours all I could do was plot how to escape the 9-5!  Due to the number of hours I spent travelling. I regularly used all of my data allowance which meant I had to look for free WiFi wherever possible. (If you’d like to know exactly where and what foot to stand on to get free WiFi between Bank and Milton Keynes, UK – drop me a line).

I have always love food and business.  So naturally my dream was to launch a food business.  How difficult could it be?

Quite often I could be seen standing somewhere obscure just to get that WiFi signal to finish reading an article on how to start a food business.  In fact I spent all of my spare time researching and reading up on routes to market, margins and marketing. The problem was that much of the information was outdated (literally), not specific to the UK and rather generic.

I still had questions and I needed help.

So I booked and paid for a couple of  workshops and courses to learn exactly what I needed to do to make my dream a reality. Unfortunately my experiences were poor. Most of the workshops finished earlier than advertised, consisted of copied and pasted information from Google (yes I am serious), were poorly organised and overpriced. I couldn’t ask all of my questions either which was not helpful.

I knew there was a better way of meeting the right people, finding the right information and saving money in order to launch a food business. Claire Brumby and I have now created the ‘better way’ I wish I had 11 months ago.  I can sincerely say that with confidence.

And I can tell you why. I have now met and learnt from some of the best food entrepreneurs and hospitality professionals in the industry. Claire Brumby and I have worked really hard to cover the areas so often missed in traditional ‘business courses’ for food.

All I can say is this an opportunity to benefit from the lessons I learned the hard way so you can Launch a Food Business in 2017 with success!

I can give you 5 out of the gazillion reasons why this is a better way right now:

1. Real, yes real entrepreneurs with real food business experience share their knowledge and advice.
2. A free workbook is provided to help you structure your plans, ideas and takeaways from the day.
3. There is a scheduled Q & A session and full access to a food entrepreneur for the whole masterclass.
4. You find out which networks and groups to join to meet both new and experienced entrepreneurs to share your journey with.
5. No jargon, no selling, no secrets. Just plain, straightforward and up to date guidance.

You don’t have to take my word for it though. You can read what previous attendees thought here.

Real people just like you have started a food business since the last masterclass with confidence and direction!

The ‘How to Launch Your Food Business in 2017’ masterclass is back – bigger and better on 28 January 2017. And this time its on a Saturday!

These days I have a 20 minute commute. Although my regular spot is now Costa, I still feel that zing of energy when my WiFi kicks in.

I spend my time finding and creating the best resources and tools for new food entrepreneurs just like me. I no longer have to rely on Linkedin to meet people in the industry. Now there is a network of entrepreneurs in the food and drink industry we can all tap into.

Learn from my mistakes by learning from the best in the industry.

Save yourself time, money, and confusion.

Get your food business dream started in 2017 and CLICK HERE.

To hear more about where to get free WiFi anywhere in London or to find out exactly how much money I wasted trying to start a food business, you can find me in our new FACEBOOK GROUP. It’s free and I’m always hanging out in there.

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