How To Open A Restaurant With Style & Grace

This a fantastic episode for so many reasons. Ever wondered what its like to be an Apprentice candidate? April spills the beans in this episode and reveals how she used her experience to crack on with her latest restaurant venture. Enjoy!

In this episode we cover:

  • April’s background.
  • The apprentice experience and lessons taken.
  • April’s blog and work in Jamaica
  • Copper Chef Pan Reviews
  • Three little birds
  • April’s take on Caribbean food
  • Her advice for anyone opening and running a restaurant.
  • Her next step.

April Jackson’s Bio

Raised by an entrepreneurial father and self-made man with interests in shipping, remittances, and property, who built his business with a strong work ethic and tenacity, 26-year-old entrepreneur April Jackson was a champion of Jamaica long before she was crowned a beauty queen and Miss Jamaica Universe in 2008.

April’s founding of one of Brixton’s most desirable eateries, Three Little Birds, since appearing on BBC’s Apprentice is not unexpected. Boasting delectable Jamaican cuisine small-plates style, rum-based cocktails and an array of the island’s condiments, coffee, and clothing, it is far from a typical Caribbean haunt.

Well known on the social scene for her friendships with Jamaica’s jet-set (Usain Bolt and Shaggy are pals) April’s model past is only one facet of the entrepreneur’s personality. Founder of foodie blog in which April shares her food adventures and Jamaican inspired recipes, at just 26 April is the foodie entrepreneur to watch – and determined to make Jamaican food a firm fixture on the UK palate.

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