What’s for dinner?

I love good food (Can you tell?)

I love being creative on my own terms.

After years of working in the finance sector, I decided it was time to combine two of my biggest passions. Food and Business.

How difficult could it be to turn my passions into a viable business?

Back in 2016, my daily commute was 6 hours (seriously). I used those hours to do research how to start a food business. Quite often I could be seen standing somewhere obscure just to get WiFi signal to finish reading an article on manufacturing, commercial kitchens or marketing.

Most of the information was outdated, generic or irrelevant to starting a food business in the UK. Even Google has it’s limits.

I still had questions and I needed help.

So I booked and paid for select workshops and courses to learn exactly what I needed to do to make my dream a reality.

The workshops finished earlier than advertised, consisted of copied and pasted information from Google (yes I am serious), were poorly organised and overpriced. To make things worse I couldn’t ask all of my questions either which was not helpful.

I’m an experienced banking consultant so I knew there was a better way of meeting the right people, finding the right information and saving money in the process. So I started creating and sharing the best resources and tools for new businesses just like me.

I now host the UK’s only Food Business Podcast and regular networking events for food entrepreneur and creatives.

Looking to meet other food entrepreneurs and creatives?

You can come and say hello to the community here. Request access and introduce yourself!

These days I have a 20 minute commute (lovely). Although my regular spot is now a local cafe or coffee shop, I still feel that zing of energy when the WiFi kicks in.

So what’s the point of this story?

Learn from my mistakes.

Learn from the best in the industry.

Save yourself time, money, and confusion.

Looking for help for your business? Click here.

Need help with your career and personal development? Click here.

Are you a food consultant or thinking of starting a consultancy? Drop me an email and I can share some specific resources with you. I love to connect with my peers! 


After 5 years as a successful Banking Compliance Consultant working for big banks like Santander and Barclays, Ashanti Bentil-Dhue is now a Virgin Start-Up Mentor, Connector for Women In Food and Business Consultant. Ashanti also hosts masterclasses, networking events and global facebook group for food entrepreneurs. If you have a query, send an email to info@femalefoodpreneurcollective.com.  

Book a place on one of our fantastic business masterclasses here http://bit.ly/2q3hu0t

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