Did you know that businesses with co-founders have a higher success rate than those with a single founder?

Collaborations and partnerships in various forms are key to sustainable growth in any industry. Having at lease one co-founder can make the experience of building a business less daunting and supportive. I’m keen to share how the most successful co-founder led businesses keep their relationships healthy and productive.

This week Scarlett Dixon, co-founder of the fabulous catering company, Crumble shares the secrets to a successful co-founder relationship (especially if she is your ‘bezzie’). Based in London, Crumble provides bespoke catering of ‘healthy proper food’ for all occasions including brand events and meals for offices.


After respectively successful law and advertising careers, Scarlett and Lyndell’s love of food spurred them on to transition into initially catering supper clubs and small events. In early 2015, Scarlett and best friend Lyndell decided to officially combine their culinary vision and skills to form Crumble. Although it ‘took a while to balance friendship and work life’ their relationship has gone from strength to strength in both senses.

We have a big deal of respect for each other…

Understandably Scarlett explains this is one of the keys to the successful running of a business when you have a co-founder. As anyone who has worked as part of a small team knows, at times uncomfortable conversations may have to be had and misunderstandings can happen. Scarlett explained that she finds open and honest communications helps in such a situation.

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Due to the nature of her and Lyndell’s relationship, she has always been confident they would behave as grownups when making decisions impacting the business.

It’s sensible to have very honest agreements in place, especially for small businesses

Scarlett says having a co-founder can make building a business a fun and supportive experience. This is a welcome reprieve considering they have to deal with the realities of  being chefs, running the business, employing staff and dealing with customers. Scarlett warmly explains Lyndell’s skills neatly compliment hers and have enabled them to grow the business significantly over the last year. Its obviously working! Crumble’s travel inspired offering has caught the attention of brands like Topshop & Uber. No wonder both Scarlett and Lyndell always have huge smiles on their faces (see image above).

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It’s no surprise that mutual respect, understanding and clear communication is the backbone of a successful co-founder relationship. Thank you Scarlett and Lyndell for candidly sharing your experience with us!

Head on over to Crumble’s site here to check out what makes them so special. You can also  follow Crumble on twitter, facebook and instagram.

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