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Why You Need To Start Building An Email List of Customers Now

Welcome to the Women In Food Podcast Show.

In this episode I cover what email list building is and why you need to be doing it now to generate more leads for your business, build relationships with potential clients and make more sales!

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The benefits of content marketing and blogging for your business
How and where to share content using social media
How to get started with email list building and email marketing
How to sell your products and services to your community

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How To Turn A Blog Into A Business ( For Foodies )

Welcome to the Women In Food Podcast Show. In this week’s episode I cover how to turn a blog into a business or turn an existing blog into a money maker!

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The benefits of content marketing and blogging for your business
How and where to share content using social media
How to get started with email list building and email marketing
How to sell your products and services to your community

Check out our February 2017 panel members here:

Meredith Whitely –
Lorna Hall –
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The secret to brilliant PR on a budget for Foodie Start Ups | Smoothie PR

Charlotte Moore created Smoothie PR to work with fab foodie start-ups who need brilliant PR on a budget.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

Charlotte’s experience, passion and how Smoothipr was born.
The transition from a large company to entrepreneur
The relationship between copy writing and PR
Secrets of PR
Charlotte’s recent networking article written for Business Insider
Evolution, pivoting and perceptions of failure in business
Real life insights on internal tensions that entrepreneurs experience
Challenges of monetizing ideas (costing and value)
Communicating with clients
Recognising your existing skills and their value
The benefits of Charlotte’s Membership Club
Confidence, resilience and you as a person, when building a personal brand
Business Niches
Do you have to be an expert when breaking in to a new industry?
Best advice when dealing with ‘ Bad PR’.

After spending 10 years working in marketing, copywriting and social media, she decided to break from corporate life to start her own business. Regular visits to food shows at weekends ignited her passion for working with start-up food brands, and so ‘The Smoothie Bar’ DIY PR membership club was born. For only £39 per month, Charlotte teaches you lots of PR tips and tricks that you can put straight into action by responding to the daily journo requests she shares. You can do your own PR in as little as 10 minutes a day, making it the perfect PR package for every start-up foodie short of time and money.

Free Printable PR Planner

Twitter: @SmoothiePR

Instagram: @smoothiepr

Networking comment:…uccess-2537298/

Telegraph comment:…hristmas-party/

Huffington Post article:…yle#comments


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How to Get Start with Content Marketing For Food Brands

Content marketing helps a business to create interesting and engaging content to attract your target customer to buy your product. This allows you to position your brand as a market leader or the ‘go to’ brand in your ideal customers’ eyes. Listen to this episode to learn the basics of putting a strategy together for your brand.

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This episode is part of a small series of episodes designed to help you blog effectively for your business, covering email list building, email marketing and the basics of blogging for business.

Look out for the details of our exclusive ‘Blogging for Business’ course due to be released soon! This course is suitable for all food creatives (bloggers, stylists, photographers), food brands and food industry consultants looking to refresh an existing blog or launch a profitable one.

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How To Get Magazine Features with Thrive Magazine | Sue Hay

“After a high-pressured career in the corporate world and her own challenging journey with food, Susan escaped and went free range. She re-trained in Holistic Nutrition and is now the editor and founder of Thrive Magazineand Thrive Media – a social media and digital marketing agency for Healthy Brands. 
Thrive Magazine is focused on healthy, clean eating and living a healthy lifestyle. If you’re on your own journey back to health and looking for the latest clean eating tips, recipes and news – Thrive Magazine is for you. You can subscribe or buy here:
Susan shares her insights and knowledge on how you can promote your brand and gain exposure for your food business online”


Background and journey up to launching Thrive magazine.

Focus of Thrive Magazine
Ethos and values
Featured brands and what Thrive look for when working with other brands
How Thrive Magazine interacts with bloggers
Building and galvanizing a team
Insights on print and digital magazines and future trends in the publishing space
Being an entrepreneur in the publishing space

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How to win over buyers to get your food brand listed | Jane Gordon

Jane Gordon is a seasoned and experienced veteran of 30+ years in retail. A mother, business owner, and all round hard worker, she is a passionate foodie and experimental home cook!

Her experience is uniquely in retail, working across Multiples and Convenience (John Lewis, Safeway, Musgrave, Spar) plus she has Managed food businesses large and small (Manor Bakeries/Mr.Kipling, Moorish Smoked Humous, MAN MEAT FIRE).
With TV appearances, the launch of several award-winning ranges into the FMCG sector and now many new and exciting projects on the go, she has ‘been there’ and ‘done that’ many times over.

Last Autumn FMCGenie was launched; dedicated to supporting small brands as they transition in to GREAT brands in line with achieving success in the FMCG world. By offering tailor made solutions unique to your business, her mission is to provide affordable and easily accessible support over this time that helps you focus on working on your business, not in it. From marketing, to selling into retailers, with confidence, industry knowledge and ability to put plans into action and beyond. She indeed the swiss army knife of retail!

Topics Discussed

Jane’s background in the food and drink industry
Experience, insights and her current business
New brand product and marketing tips and ‘ need to knows’
Relationship building with buyers and other retailers, over coming challenges
Stepping out of corporate settings into entrepreneur mode.
Decision making and support as an entrepreneur

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International Women’s Day Celebration | Polka Pants w/Maxine Thompson

WFP010 | Polka Pants w/Maxine Thompson | International Women’s Day Celebration

Maxine Thompson tells us how she started Polka Pants, what market research she carried out and how she uses Instagram to make more sales! Really inspiring interview with a woman making waves in food!

You can connect with Polka Pants and Maxine Thompson here:
instagram/ twitter: @polkapants_

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The ethics & requirements involved around making health claims | Fig & Bloom


Meet Fig & Bloom below:

Stephanie Ridley (Registered Nutritional Therapist), BSc (Hons) DipNT BANT CNHC

I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist with a degree in Nutrition and a diploma in Nutritional Therapy. Having worked for seven years as a personal trainer and then in contract publishing, I decided to change direction and follow my true passion in life – nutrition. Juggling my degree, job and two pregnancies was a challenge but proved my dedication! After graduating I worked as a tutor at BCNH College of Nutrition & Health before setting up my own private nutrition consultancy called Nourish to Flourish.

Dorothy Barrick | Holistic Chef | Recipe Developer

I am a self-taught chef who loves nothing more than experimenting in the kitchen for hours. After a career as a model followed by fashion design, my interests turned to food. Having cooked for myself, and others, from the age of 16, meeting my partner who has ankylosing spondylitis really got me wondering if there was a way to health and healing through food. I started taking classes on raw foods, experimenting with baking gluten-free, fermentation and gut health recipes and many plant-based try outs.

Caroline Flower | Commercial Director

I started my career as a fresh and frozen food buyer in the contract catering industry. After seven years, I took an opportunity to move into project management and then management consultancy, delivering IT, procurement and cost reduction projects. Most recently I worked in corporate finance advising clients on complex post-merger integration programmes in financial services, manufacturing and retail sectors. The mix of business, finance, planning and communication skills I’ve picked up over the years is invaluable for my role with Fig & Bloom, which pretty much includes everything not nutrition or cooking-related!

Topics discussed in this episode

Tips for finding a co-founder and benefits
Who is Fig and Bloom, the service they provide and the hows
Current food trends in the healthy food sector and their vision
Labeling requirements, terminology used and ethics involved around health claims
Partnership working
Issues around preventative health care
Recipe development

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How to Export for Business with Confidence and Focus | Victoria Boldison

Victoria Boldison is a multi-award winning Chartered Marketer and has worked internationally for all of her career within the Start up and SME environment marketing and selling health related products around the world.

Multilingual and with an executive MBA, Victoria now runs her own business Bolst Global, supporting UK SME’s largely within the food and drink and supplement sectors to export via support with international sales and marketing services.

Her goal is to help as many British companies to sell internationally as possible and provide them with the tools and techniques to make the UK a strong exporting nation.

Victoria also sits on the regional board for the Chartered Institute of Marketing and leads on international marketing within Yorkshire. She is a regular speaker at international events for the Department of International Trade and other internationally focused organisations.
In her free time Victoria spends most of it in the gym or swotting up on international business affairs.